ACB Tuesday Topics
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December 21, 2022

S1E103 - 20221220 - Tuesday Topics - All things Holiday on Tuesday Topics.

It is something of a conundrum to try to predict how topics will be regarded by our listeners and participants. Topics we at Tuesday Topics think will

be popular do not attract much attention. Topics we are not confident about attract lots of people. Efforts to encourage our participants to come up with topics have, for the most part, been unsuccessful. And then there are other factors that impact how successful Tuesday Topics is likely to be. People will persist in celebrating Christmas and other holidays! ACB Media, committees and other groups have suddenly discovered that Tuesday is a very cool day to hold programs. For all these reasons, it is hard to predict what will turn out to be effective programming. We are going to try two topics this Tuesday and we need to turn up so that the production team doesn't have to talk among ourselves only! The first topic we want to discuss has to do with Christmas. We are pretty open about where this topic goes! Is giving better than receiving? Is there a particular present you are excited about? Are there Christmas traditions that you would like to share with us? Is Christmas a waste of money, time and effort? Does what we celebrate get lost with all the socializing? Our second topic concerns Christmas as well but is especially aimed to explore the experience of yule tide by people who are blind! How did you shop? Do you need help with Christmas more now or less than you did a few years ago? Are there some new gadgets, games or devices that you have heard about this year you would like to tell us about? ACB Radio will be providing some holiday programming. We hope to be able to tell you some about what is coming up and how you can participate!

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