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October 11, 2022

S1E94 - 20221011 - Tuesday Topics - Should member-at-large chapters for state affiliates exist?

Sometimes it's fun to take risks! Tuesday Topics has quite a few regular participants. While we have asked people for suggestions, my email has been notably

devoid of messages about this! However, I think it might be fun to devote some of Tuesday Topics to an opportunity for folks to raise issues they think we should discuss! I am therefore urging folks to consider a topic they believe warrants some consideration and be prepared to take the lead with its discussion. I am not prepared to leave things entirely to chance, however. I have this vision of asking for topics and being greeted by silence as absolute as the number 0. So, here are a couple of issues I think may be relevant. If we don't use them this time, we might use them at another session. One of the emerging realities of the post-covid period is the community call. In some cases, local chapters of ACB have held meetings virtually. Meetings in person (, for a long time, not happening! In Florida and in other states a new phenomenon has emerged. Florida calls their version "calm" which, I think, stands for Chapter of At Large Members. It is a statewide organization aimed at recruiting members who are geographically not close to a local chapter or who, for some other reason, do not choose to join a local chapter. Should we encourage such chapters? What are the consequences of having them? What about at large members of ACB? We have recruited more during the pandemic! What impact has this development had? We have spent some time talking about the effect that hybrid conventions have had at the national level. How have hybrid conventions affected state affiliates! More and more special interest affiliates are holding business meetings away from the ACB convention! How does that affect the price of cheese?

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