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August 23, 2022

S1E88 - 20220823 - Tuesday Topics - audio description.

Right at the end of Tuesday Topics there was a brief discussion of audio description. It has been a while since Tuesday Topics has spent some time talking about this most powerful equalizer for people who are blind. During our discussion there were a couple of questions that came up. First, do descriptions actually describe what is most important? Second, how different would different audio description files be from one another. There are some opportunities to find out with the arrival on HBO Max of new descriptions which describe the same shows as were described in England. There are beginning to be several podcasts about audio description. Brian Charlson and Carl Richardson do one called "picture This" which we have already discussed here. However, it might be good to hear more about their first full year and where they are going in the future. Are there other podcasts? If so, what are they? Should we be subscribing to some of them? Our hand raiser Marianne Grignon knows about one which she will tell us about. It offers a unique idea and allows listeners to have input into what it does which is pretty unique!

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