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September 20, 2022

S1E91 - 20220920 - Tuesday Topics - Special Interest Affiliates, pro's and cons - 1900.

In Florida, as a part of the the Florida Council of the Blind, we have a special interest affiliate called the Council for the Concerns of the Totally

Blind. In Florida and, of course, throughout the country there are chapters of and a national organization championing the issues of people with low vision. This organization is, of course, Council of Citizens with Low Vision (CCLVI). Do we need an organization like CCTB or CCLVI. If so, why? If not, why? Do we need one more than the other? What does creating organizations for people with particular issues do to our organization as a whole?

We hope that many of you will take part in this discussion that will explore together the things that bring us together and the things that divide us! This is another of those situations where we don't think there may be right answers. We do think it's important for us to think about the implications that our actions include!

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