ACB Tuesday Topics
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October 4, 2022

S1E93 - 20221004 - Tuesday Topics - blind jokes, or humor concerning people who are blind.

We will once more tackle two topics

which are connected. We will begin by looking at "blind jokes" or humor concerning people who are blind. We will, unfortunately, have to include some examples to make our points clear. Is it okay for blind people to tell "blind jokes"? What is objectionable about them, if anything? How should we handle being told such jokes by others? Should we start telling "sighted jokes"? Can you provide us with a few? Once we have helped this topic make its unsightful way past our notice, we will do what you may very well expect! The term "politically correct" is being widely used to stifle dialogue. At least, I think that is its effect! Am I right? Where did the notion come from and how should we feel about it? What has the impact of "politically correct" speech been? Has it created a less hostile environment within which to discuss minorities in general and disabilities in particular? Has it outlived its usefulness? Is there a better paradigm for us to use? Who knows how many of these issues we will actually get to explore but we, as the blind, will find lots to say! Oops, was that politically incorrect?

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