ACB Tuesday Topics
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November 8, 2022

S1E98 - 20221108 - Tuesday Topics - How has the inclusion of a few blind people in ads changed things, and a look at the Mentoring, Access and Peer Support Program (MAPSP)

What is the impact of advertising on people who are blind?

How has the inclusion of a few blind people in ads changed things? How do people with some vision fare in ads. During this hour we will explore just how much we are viewed as consumers or objects of political correctness. During the second hour we will consider mentoring. One of the more exciting new projects unveiled during our convention this summer in Omaha Nebraska was the Mentoring, Access and Peer Support Program (MAPSP). This program created partnerships between "guides" and "explorers". In more traditional programs these folks might have been known as mentors and mentees. Initially, the first iteration of this exciting program was to last a year. During that time, a support team would oversee how the program works and perhaps make decisions about how things should change during what it is hoped will be a second iteration next year. Full disclosure means I should tell all of you that two of us on Tuesday Topics are Guides. We will have some of the members of the team on Tuesday Topics and perhaps some guides and explorers as well. We will explore how the program is going and give you, our listeners, an opportunity to raise questions about how the program works. I am sure that Kenneth Semien Sr. will be there and suspect that Cheryl Cumings, Donna Brown and Donna Browning will also be there! So far the program is only a couple of months old. How was it set up? What are its goals? What do participants think? How does the leadership team feel? Explore with us a new and promising program while it is being implemented.

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